Matching BFF Prom Dresses

Congratulations! You are beginning a new stage in your life, which will bring you many satisfactions. It is your entire responsibility to forge the future that you have dreamed so much and to complete all your goals. For this, there is nothing better than quality with your best friend while sharing the same taste for high-couture to farewell high school years. If you both feel like twins and want to create the biggest fashion statement, the most special occasion of all has arrived: Prom Night.

A prom party is not only the time to celebrate all the effort and the passion that both put on during class, but it is also a moment for posterity. Many photos and stories will be taken during the event to upload on social media, so there’s no need to wait for a better excuse and let’s celebrate friendship with BFF Prom Dresses and look … Read the rest

Do I Really Need to Hire a Professional to Install My Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions have become increasingly popular amongst women who are looking for a quick way to achieve longer locks. Waiting for your hair to grow out can be a tedious process but extensions can give you longer hair in an instant, which is especially ideal if you have a special event coming up.

Hair extensions look completely natural

You may have come across a number of stories that indicate hair extensions will look fake because they’re made with synthetic materials but this is not true. Top-quality hair extensions are made with real human hair, giving you the most natural-looking results. Hair extensions can also be customised so that they match your natural hair.

Hair extensions are also great for saving time in the mornings as you can easily style them or clip them in for a fresh new look in an instant.

Installing your hair extensions

When it comes to … Read the rest

Get naturally beautiful skin – Skin care dos and don’ts you should be aware of

Have you ever dreamt of acne-free and blemish-free skin? If you have, then this is no more a far-fetched dream but now it is a reality. You must have prayed to God about giving you flawless skin but ended up having dark circles in the morning. Do you have an approaching party for which you have to prep up your skin? If answered yes, you have to be aware of the CTM or cleanser-toner-moisturizer technique.

We’re going to share with you few of the best natural tips to take good care of your skin so that you can get glowing skin. Besides getting the right products from, you can follow the below mentioned tips as well.

#1: Follow the Golden Rule

There’s no doubt about the fact that you apply makeup whenever you go out. Make sure you remove it before you hit the bed. Your skin will … Read the rest