Congratulations! You are beginning a new stage in your life, which will bring you many satisfactions. It is your entire responsibility to forge the future that you have dreamed so much and to complete all your goals. For this, there is nothing better than quality with your best friend while sharing the same taste for high-couture to farewell high school years. If you both feel like twins and want to create the biggest fashion statement, the most special occasion of all has arrived: Prom Night.

A prom party is not only the time to celebrate all the effort and the passion that both put on during class, but it is also a moment for posterity. Many photos and stories will be taken during the event to upload on social media, so there’s no need to wait for a better excuse and let’s celebrate friendship with BFF Prom Dresses and look like two princesses, as it is recommended in Teen Vogue in their article 10 Princess Prom Dresses Inspired by Celebrities .

If you two love fashion, here we present you a selection of gowns full of glamor. Show the world your fabulous style and pick your favorite from the following list:


  1. Infinite Dresses: The stylish black and white


In a way, prom night is a rite of passage that also has something to do with that traditional custom of wearing long gowns. If you are in favor of the minimalist style and maxi dresses, this time the fashion house Jovani bring us their favorite designs for BFF Prom Dress with the Gold Embellished Jersey Dress. This even model with deep V-cut neckline and bright linear details joins the subtle but chic trend, one of the primary approaches of the season. Perfect to get to the party and make clear the dancefloor it’s yours.

With the Black and White combination, even the unfiltered selfies will be unstoppable; you can complete the look with strip sandals and a box-style handbag.


  1. Say hello! to glided-dresses: Glamorously Sensual


Party dresses with a built-in frill are one of the trends proposed to gain power for 2019, and a high school prom is a perfect reason to turn them into BFF Prom Dresses. You can do it in a ‘waterfall’ version like this Jade One Shoulder Ruffle Neckline Long Dress from the brand led by Saul Maslavi.

In ruby or navy color, it has a loose cut and asymmetrical neckline. The neckline also has ruffled flounces that leave one shoulder exposed, resembling the royal garments. You can also pick a dress with ruffles in a pleated or cocktail-style version with a traditional fitted pattern at the waist that incorporates a glide detail on the bustier side. These bets are perfect to achieve an elegant, casual but mostly, fashionista look.

At the time of taking the photo, pay particular attention to the ‘sets’ that appear in the background so that they can contrast with the gowns.


  1. Color mix: Shoulders uncovered


Sometimes, prom dresses inspire love at first sight, and as the best example, we have pieces with transparent illusion as the Beaded Off the Shoulder Corset Bodice Short Dress, from the iconic international brand Jovani.

Its cut accentuates the waist thanks to a beautiful corset adorned with precious stones, and the shoulders in the air are super flattering. Not to mention the printed fabric with golden details, sophisticated and fun give a perfect modern touch for the most ‘boho chic’ fans.

With double straps, the rectum and other superimposed in addition to a light glide in the skirt makes use of one of its most appropriate materials, the lace. A traditional fabric that this brand has managed to reinvent. Romantic and at the same time groundbreaking garment in the best ballerina style.


Seal your friendship through fashion.


“True friendship multiplies the good in life and divides its evils. Strive to have friends, for life without friends is like life on a desert island… to find one real friend in a lifetime is good fortune; to keep them is a blessing.” – Baltasar Gracian (philosopher)

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